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Welcome to Integrity Development & Construction, your reliable, efficient provider of thorough construction services, located in the heart of southwest Missouri. Since our inception, Integrity Development has continually endeavored to combine the quality experience and services that are offered by large national construction firms with the client-driven and flexible benefits of a smaller, family-run firm. From the pre-construction phase, including component selection, budgeting, and scheduling, to the final phase of actual construction, our organization executes each step of the process with the utmost precision.


Whether your requested construction project is big, small, public, or private, Integrity Development’s construction team is surely able to help you complete the job, efficiently and thoroughly. Our highly-experienced and knowledgeable team of experts can offer you with a range of services in numerous industries, such as commercial construction, industrial, education, health care construction, and even for those that seek to build a new church for their place of worship.

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