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Development Management

Pre-construction Services

Wide Range of Services

  Our Combined 40 years of experience combines the experience and services offered by the large national construction firms with the client driven and flexible benefits of a smaller, family-run firm.

Experience in a variety of project types enables us to offer professional services from pre-construction through final project close-out. Anticipating project challenges and developing the solutions necessary to meet our clients objectives.

  A substantial amount of our work over the past 20 years has been performed utilizing the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) method. This method involves us from the beginning of the project and benefits our clients in numerous ways.

  Upon the Owner’s notice of intent to award the contract for construction to our firm, we will begin to work with the Architect and Engineer on the development of construction documents.  During this phase of the project, we will assist in the preparation of budget costs and offer pricing for alternative systems and materials. By researching alternative options we strive to provide the most efficient and cost effective facility for our clients.  As we approach the later stages of Design Development, we will seek assistance and input from various subcontractors and suppliers.  They will aid us in delivering to our client a more concise and accurate construction budget taking into account present day and future material costs.  

  Upon completion of the construction documents, we will solicit competitive bids from at least three firms on each phase of the project.  We will review the bids, in private, at our office with the Architect and Owner's representative present.  We will make every effort to select subcontractors and suppliers which we feel are capable of performing quality work, in a timely manner and at the most cost effective price.  In addition, during the bidding phase, we will encourage the various firms to submit money-saving ideas along with their proposals.  

  After selection of the subcontractors and suppliers, we will prepare a total job cost.  This cost will become the Guaranteed Maximum Price for the facility and be the basis for the contract.


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